1 Black suction tube

Application: suitable for general industry and automobile industry, as a low pressure pumping gas, semi solid and vacuum

Structure: the outer -PVC

Enhanced spiral PVC coated surface of the steel wire

Temperature range: -0 degrees C to +70 degrees C

Can provide inner diameter: 1 "to 12"

Length: 10 meters

2 heavy mining air pipe

Heavy mining air tube super heavy, high pressure air tube, the mandrelstructure, especially recommended for mining, quarrying, heavy construction and other working conditions of heavy strong equipment

Temperature range: -35 degrees C (-31 F) to C (+70 degrees +158 degrees F)


The inner tube: Black styrene butadiene rubber, anti oil mist

Enhanced: high strength synthetic line

Outer: Black Ultra Thick smooth (MAT) durability of styrene butadiene rubber, weather resistant antiwear tear, color

The outer layer can be provided on request

Length: no more than 125 meters (410 feet) continuous length

3 multipurpose chemical hose, spiral metal wire reinforced, crosslinked polyethylene inner pipe

Multipurpose chemical hose, spiral metal wire reinforced, crosslinked polyethylene inner pipe

Senior hose, because of its special composite cross-linked polyethyleneinner pipe, capable of delivering a wide range of chemicals, petroleum products (including aromatic), oil; diversity of supertop and type supertop/LL users can quickly and province to solve most conveying of various types of chemicals and petroleum products (see IVG chemical resistance chart) problem

Temperature range: -20 degrees C (-4 F) to C (+70 degrees +158 degrees F)


The inner pipe: the smooth black crosslinked polyethylene

Enhanced: high strength synthetic line (supertop) with spiral metal wire(supertop/LL type); tube

Embedded with antistatic Tong wire

Outer: Green smoothing (MAT) gas chloroprene rubber, with a specialcomposite has high weather resistance anti odor

Wear resistance and oil resistance of oxygen

Length: no more than 61 meters (200 feet) continuous length

4 nylon network management


Transparency: the transparency can be easy to see in the pipe transportinggoods

The compressive capacity: the super strength synthetic line can withstandhigh pressure

Flexibility: the tube soft matchless, convenient operation

Food safety and hygiene: use PVC material does not contain toxic

Construction temperature range: -0 degrees C to +60 degrees C

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